How to become an Art Influencer in 2020

Nowadays you can find art everywhere online, especially on social networks. The so-called art influencers are industry experts or simple enthusiasts that are always aware of what happens in the world of contemporary art. They participate at vernissage, visit museums, exhibitions, galleries, and then share their experiences online.

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So, here is a list of what you need to do to become an Art Influencer.

Be social

Basically, you need to be on social media, especially on Instagram as it is a visual platform where everyone posts their pictures. From here you can create networks of collectors, artists, art galleries to work with (eventually). Start commenting, liking, and have a conversation with your peers. You will see that you might find lots of things in common one with the other one. Try not to enter into discussions or argue with them.

Create interesting content

People will follow you if you create amazing content that will keep your audience entertained. It is always good to be truthful to yourself (and to them!), being passionate about what you love and spread love everywhere. Especially on social media.

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Build your image

Being an art influencer is just like any other type of fashion/brands ambassador. You will need to be consistent in posting, featuring interesting stuff.

Personal Branding is practically self-promotion. It is one of the evolutions of the most classic advertising. Personal Branding has among its purposes that of exponentially increasing visibility.

Work with brands

Once your personal branding is sorted, your followers are growing and you have a great content, you will have brands / art galleries / museums contacting you to do collaborations with them. It is absolutely exciting and you have the chance to travel the world. Just be

In short, you can become an art influencer once you have your own community ready to talk to you, if they appreciate what you do and start sharing your images and your content.

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