About us

Love Through Design is a strategic communications consultancy with the aim of promoting arts, design & culture and connecting them to communities.

The agency was founded by Annalisa Del Carro in 2010 in London with the aim of creating and distributing limited-edition products designed by artists in aid of good causes

Annalisa has always been passionate about art and the world of communication. She was an intern in many art galleries in Milan working in press offices. She wrote several artistic reviews and organized several exhibitions.

After a master’s degree in ‘Organisation, management, and communication of heritage and cultural events’ at IULM University in Milan, with a dissertation on Art Galleries with the art critic Philippe Daverio as a tutor, she moved to the UK.

In 2008 Annalisa became Managing Director of a creative agency which she left in 2016 to become a branding and communication consultant.  In 2014 she became Mentor for Virgin Startup, Sir Richard Branson’s new venture, helping several startups in the fashion, food, music, and lifestyle sector.

The new comms atelier is now based in Milan and aligns the public relations consultancy with the original concept of no-profit projects.

The meaning of the logo

Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu deity, is worshiped first before starting anything new. He clears the obstacles and paves the way for us to move forward.

His wide mouth represents the natural human desire to enjoy life. The large ears signify the gift of listening to others. The long trunk can hold anything, meaning that human beings should adapt to everyday challenges. The right tusk represents wisdom and the right one emotion.

Resting upon the deity’s forehead is an ‘X’ – two diagonal lines that meet in the middle becoming one, working together towards a single goal and a greater purpose, signifying endless opportunities to create change through collaborations.